Demonstration Video

Shimadzu had participated in Nippon Foundation-Deep Star Joint Ocean Innovation R&D Program with Underwater Optical Wireless Communication Technology. The project was successfully completed in August 2020.
In the project, the communication test between a prototype of "Station" that constructs a hemispherical optical wireless communication area around the seabed and underwater vehicle (ROV) which carries an Underwater Optical Wireless Modem was conducted.
In the communication test, the camera image attached to the "Station" was transmitted to the ROV via optical wireless communication, and succeeded in transmitting the camera image without interruption even if the ROV moved freely in the pool.
The Underwater Optical Wireless Modem on ROV is "MC100", off the shelf product of Shimadzu.
By promoting this technology, we will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving development efficiency in Offshore industry.


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