Turbo Molecular Pump

Turbo Molecular Pumps (TMP) create the vacuum environment that is indispensable for the manufacturing processes of solar cells and semiconductors. Boasting the highest level of exhaust capacity in the world, Shimadzu's product lineup is designed to meet the layer deposition and fabrication requirements of solar cell modules and silicon wafers, both of which are becoming increasingly large.


Combination Bearings

• A long-life bearing mechanism reduces maintenance costs.
• The pump can be used in combination with a small backing pump.
• The pump can be mounted in any orientation.

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Types with Integrated Power Supply Unit

  • • Compact
  • • Energy-saving
  • • No need to install cables or use a control rack
  • • Improved pumping performance
  • • No separate power supply is necessary because AC power supply is directly input.

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Wide-Range (03) Series

• Wide-range and high pumping throughput
• Digital power supply supported
• Various monitoring functions
• Network connection enabled
• Compliant with CE marking, SEMI S2, and NRTL

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High Pumping Throughput Type

• Maximum pumping flowrate
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Compact power supply unit
• Measures against reaction products (optional)
• Various monitoring functions
• Network connection enabled
• Variable pump speed
• Reduced power consumption
• Compliant with major standards
• Tuning-free
• Battery-less

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High Compression Ratio Type

• Hydrogen compression ratio of 106
• Battery-less turbomolecular pump with magnetic levitation
• Compact pump body and power supply unit
• Tuning-free
• RS-232C-compliant serial interface is equipped as standard.
• Compliant with CCE marking, SEMI-S2, and NRTL

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