Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnaces

Guidelines for Selecting Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnaces For Creation of New Values

Some remarkable new materials have been developed and manufactured in recent years, for which the heat treatment process has gained considerable attention, specifically the high added-value and reliability offered by vacuum furnaces. The leading manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, Shimadzu Mectem utilizes experience gained from delivering over 1000 vacuum furnace systems to provide a variety of models suited for a wide range of applications.

Example of Precision Superhard Parts Treated in a Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Example of Treatment Using MIM Dewaxing Sintering Furnace (clock parts)

How to Read Series Name

Guide for selection of vacuum furnace







Max. Temp



(Stainless steel, FeNi, Ti alloy)

fine ceramics

carbide alloy
HHS 1600℃ 10-1Pa~6MPa・G/10 MPa・G
PHSG         2300℃ 10-3Pa~0.9MPa・G
PHS       2300℃ 10-3Pa~0.9MPa・G
VHS     2300℃ 10-3Pa~atmospheric pressure
VESTA   2300℃ 10-3Pa~0.9MPa・G
PVSG 2300℃ 10-3Pa~0.9MPa・G
VHP 2300℃ 10-3Pa~atmospheric pressure
VHB 1350℃ 10-3Pa~atmospheric pressure
VHD   1000℃ 10-1Pa~atmospheric pressure
PHP         2300℃ 10-30.9MPa・G
PHG         1350℃ 10-30.6MPa・G
VHL   2300℃ 10-3~atmospheric pressure
PHL   2300℃ 10-3~0.9MPa・G