Underwater Optical Wireless CommunicationMC500

MC500 is for middle range Ethernet communication (up to 80m)



  • Remote monitoring and control operation of underwater vehicle without latency
  • Data harvesting and collection between underwater vehicles and subsea assets



  1. High-speed communication up to 80m
  2. Communication speed is switchable (1Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps)
  3. Full-duplex communication 
  4. Up to 3,000m depth operation
  5. Can be installed on underwater vehicles and subsea assets



Communication Data rate 1Mbps / 10Mbps / 20Mbps (Switchable)
Range 80m (attenuation rate 0.3dB/m)
Interface 100BASE-TX
Beam Angle 40 degrees
Electrical feature *1 Power Consumption ≦90W
Supply voltage DC24V
Interface SubConn: DBH13M
Optical feature Wavelength 445nm(Blue), 525nm(Green)
Laser power Blue: 17.5W
Green: 9.0W
Laser class Class 4 JIS C 6802:2018 (IEC 60825-1:2014,ISH1,ISH2)
Weight in air *1 9kg
Weight in water *2 5.5kg
Temperature range Operating temperature -5°C to 35°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Water pressure resistance ≧31Mpa(3,000m)
  • *1 Specifications are of each blue and green unit.
    *2 Weight in water is a reference value.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Each blue and green unit
  • Excluding accessories
    (Units: mm)