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  • EPMA System for Evaluation of the Distribution of Constituent Components in Detailed Areas in Joints
  • Friction stir welding (FSW) is a method of solid-state welding of dissimilar materials by using the frictional heat generated by rotation of a tool. Lighter weight products and improved production efficiency have been required in response to demand for protection of the global environment and energy saving, and various research and development have progressed with the aims of optimization of the welding process and microstructural control of the juncture/interface in FSW welds. This video shows the utility of using an EPMA system to evaluate the distribution of constituent components in detailed areas of joints with dissimilar materials.

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Analysis Basics

  • GC/GC-MS Vial Selection Guide
  • Choosing an appropriate vial requires consideration of factors such as the sample capacity, analysis method, and which autosampler is being used. Click and find out how to select GC/GC-MS vial.
    ・Vial Selection Guide
    ・Septum/Cap Selection Guide
    ・First Choice for Vials...

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