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UF-Amino Station

Amino Acid Analysis System Enables Both Multicomponent Analysis and Improved Throughput

UF-Amino Station, which was developed in collaboration with Ajinomoto Co., Ltd., uses a special high-speed and high-separation column and the LCMS-2020 mass spectrometer, to perform batch analyses of 38 amino acids and amino acid-related components in a mere 9 minutes. Derivatization reactions are performed automatically, so tedious manual procedures are not required. UF-Amino Station is particularly effective in the field of biochemistry, where analyses of culture media, plasma, and other biological samples are required.

  • High-Speed Batch Analysis of 38 Amino Acids Can Be Performed in Just 9 Minutes
  • Automatic Derivatization Improves Efficiency and Reliability
  • Smooth Data Analysis via LabSolutions Insight

Product Detail