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Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2024

Brevis™ GC-2050

Providing both Productivity Improvements and Space Savings

"Smaller, simpler, and easier to use – without compromising performance." That’s the demand from analysts. And that’s why Shimadzu developed the Brevis GC-2050. 
The Brevis GC -2050 delivers best-in-class analytical performance and equipment size 350 mm wide without sacrificing conventional performance and scalability, contributing to space savings and increased productivity. The product also reduces power consumption by 30% compared to conventional models, making it environmentally friendly. This new GC easily meeting the analysis needs of laboratories in a range of industries, including petrochemicals, fine chemicals, the environment, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics/semiconductors, and perfumes.

  • Compact without Compromise
  • Built-in Analytical Intelligence
  • Best-in-Class Performance

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