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MAP-100 Automatic Microplastics Pretreatment Unit

The World’s First Automated Extraction and Recovery Process for Microplastics Analysis

The MAP-100 automatic microplastics pretreatment unit is the first in the world to automate the process of extracting and collecting microplastics in oceans, rivers, lakes, and other water in the environment. To accurately analyze microplastics in aqueous samples, an essential step is to isolate the particles from other components in the sample. The MAP-100 automates acid treatment and density separation processes, as well as the collection of the particles in the sample, resulting in a more efficient, safer experience for analysts. The MAP-100 automates the typical steps needed to isolate microplastics. This improves the reproducibility of the analytical workflow, enables lab technicians to focus on other tasks, and makes handling of reagents safer.

  • Replaces Troublesome Manual Work with a Specialized Unit
  • Compatibility with Guidelines from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment
  • Simple, Intuitive Software

Product Detail