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Compact IRSpirit-X Series Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers

Combining a small instrument size with the highest levels of sensitivity in their class

IRSpirit-X series Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers provide both a small, lightweight design and the highest levels of sensitivity in their class. They are equipped with an analysis navigation program enabling novice FTIR users to obtain data easily, and a function that judges the quality of the measurement results and proposes how to obtain favorable data. 
This series features three models, which can be selected to suit the objective and environment of use: the entry-level IRSpirit-LX, the IRSpirit-TX, which has the highest sensitivity for a small FTIR, and the IRSpirit-ZX, which is capable of stable measurements in high-temperature and high-humidity regions due to more moisture-resistant components. With the IRSpirit-X series of Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers, Shimadzu realizes an environment in which highly reliable data is more easily obtained. 

  • Combines a small, lightweight instrument design with high performance
  • Enhanced support functions provide strong support for tasks
  • Additional models aimed at high-temperature/high-humidity regions

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