Multi-omics Analysis Package

LC/MS, GC/MS Data Analysis Software

The Multi-omics Analysis Package, developed for metabolic engineering applications, provides the ability to automatically generate metabolic maps and perform a variety of data analysis for the vast data generated in fields like metabolomics, proteomics and flux analysis. It offers a powerful platform to support drug discovery, bioengineering and other life science research applications.


Automatically Visualize Quantitative Changes in Metabolites and Proteins on a Metabolic Map

Dramatically reduces the amount of work required for bottleneck processes of analyzing and visualizing data, such as displaying data on a metabolic map and analyzing correlations.

Works Perfectly with Software Developed by the World's Top Research Institutions

In combination with various other software (called gadgets) connected on the GARUDA™ platform, it offers optimal workflows for multi-dimensional analyses.

Integrated Support for Operations from Data Acquisition to Analysis

The software includes various data processing gadgets which connect with corresponding data analysis gadgets, providing a seamless, connected experience of a single software program. It is designed to work in combination with various Shimadzu databases prepared with "Ready-to-Use Methods" for everything from sample pretreatment to analytical conditions, which ensures the entire process flow, from obtaining mass spectrometer measurements to data analysis, can be performed smoothly.

In the Multi-omics Analysis Package, we provide the data analysis software developed based on tools (gadgets) that have been released on the GARUDA open research platform, which is mainly managed by The Systems Biology Institute, Japan (SBI).


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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