Qualitative Characterization and Quantitative Assessment of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Protein Metrics and nSMOL coupled with the Shimadzu LCMS-9030 QTOF

In this poster,we use the new LC-MS9030Q-ToF to qualitatively characterize NIST mAb reference standard a s model of biotherapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Assessments of intact profile, protein subunits (heavy chain, and light chain),and peptide fragments were included in experimental design.To aid in the quantitative assessment of Bevacizumab in bio logical matrix, the Shimadzu nSMOLTM (nano-surface and molecular orientation limited proteolysis) technology was utilized for increased sensitivity by selectively digesting the antibody’s FAB region and reducing matrix interference. MRM transitions offer an increased limit of detection for quantifying the amount of mAbin human serum or blood for PK/PD determination and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM).

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Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry, quadrupole time of flight(Q-TOF) mass spectrometer
biotherapeutic monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic drug monitoring, TDM, human serum, human blood, Clinical research, Forensics, DMPK, ADME, Safety testing, LCMS-9030
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