Shear Test of Composite Material (V-Notched Rail Shear)

Compared to existing homogeneous materials, composite materials like CFRP are anisotropic, and display complex failure behaviors as a result of tension, compression, bending, in-plane shear, out-of-plane shear, or a combination of these stresses arising from loading in the principal-axis direction. In recent years, use of CAE analysis in industry has become widespread since it can reduce numbers of prototypes and reduce the cost of new product development. Because values for each of the stress properties stated above are needed to increase precision when predicting product characteristics during product design, there is a strong demand for test methods able to evaluate pure failure behaviors in CFRP. This article describes an example of V-notched rail shear method (ASTM D7078) that can be used to test in-plane shear. Because this method uses a large gauge area on the specimen, it can accommodate specimens without holes and CRFP laminate materials that have discontinuous fibers.

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Materials Testing & Inspection, Universal / Tensile Testing Machine
Shear test, ASTM D7078, Composite material, Digital image correlation, DIC analysis, CFRP, V-Notched rail shear, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Rubber, Resin, Plastics, TRViewX
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