Free download of "EasySetup" setup software for EP-100/110

EasySetup software

You can download "EasySetup", the setup software for EP-100/110, free of charge.
Click here to download "EasySetup" (Ver. 1.12) (updated on June 28, 2022)

【Download and setup instructions】
1. Extract the downloaded compressed file (zip format) and save “EasySetup.exe” (executable file) and “Language.ini” (software configuration file) in the same folder.

2. With the AC adapter "disconnected" from the printer, connect the printer to the PC using the USB cable (A-B connector).

3. Run the saved "EasySetup.exe" [executable], and if "EP-100/110 connected" appears in the upper left corner of the startup screen, it is OK.

connect OK

4. Set the items to be changed, press the "Set To Printer" button on the screen, and when "Set OK" is displayed, the setting is completed.

Set OK

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