Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data Analysis Software

Image Analysis Advanced Option

Advanced optional license for image analysis (sold separately)

*Auto ROI Selector

This tool can now auto-generate ROIs based on image data, selecting areas by brightness or color.

  • Brightness
    Works well for fluorescence images or images with brightness variations.
  • Color
    Works well for fluorescence or stained images.
    It is also possible to create these from images where someone has drawn the ROI.
Auto ROI Selector


*Functions can be added by purchasing this optional license.


*Pre-processing for Segmentation (UMAP) 

  • Added pre-processing
  • ・A feature that projects 3D maps (RGB) using UMAP and then performs segmentation.
  • Advantages
  • ・Color is assigned according to the characteristics of the measurement points (pixels) (pseudo-coloring).
  • ・Since it is three-dimensional, this solves the issue where features become unclear in high-dimensional data calculation (known as the curse of dimensionality)

MS Imaging data is converted to a 3D map and then colored and segmented.
  Red shows areas where bile acids appear strong.

*Functions can be added by purchasing this optional license.