Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data Analysis Software

 Data format/data conversion

IMAGEREVEAL MS can read IMDX files.
The following 3 file formats can be converted to IMDX files using the “IMDX Converter” function included in this software.

  • Data conversion procedure


1. kbd

This is the data format of images acquired by the iMScope series of instruments.

  • The kbd files acquired by iMScope series of instruments cannot be converted unless LCMSolution (Ver. 3.81 or later) has been installed.


2. Analyze 7.5

This is the format of data exported from the AXIMA series.

  • Analyze 7.5 format data that has not been exported from the AXIMA series is not supported.
  • Analyze 7.5 files can be converted to IMDX files if they have a total spot count no more than 38,000 spots and an m/z range of 5 to 500,000.


3. imzML

This is the common format of data for the MS imaging.

  • This data format can be loaded directly into IMAGEREVEAL MS. When "Processed" type imzML format files are converted into IMDX files, interpolation is performed for the sampling interval that has been set (or peak width, if the centroid is set in the original data), and the profile data of the same sampling position for all measurement points is saved. For this reason, it does not precisely match the sampling position of the original data.
  • "imzML" format data that is not exported from MALDI-7090 may not be convertible to an IMDX file. The ability to use "imzML" format data of instruments other than the MALDI-7090 has been confirmed, but the ability to convert all "imzML" format data files is not guaranteed. If you are using imzML format data, first check the operation using the demo version. →Data conversion actual result (English)(PDF file)
  • The "imzML" format data consists of either "Continuous" or "Processed" type profile data. Operations using the "Processed" type centroid data have been confirmed with this product. However, when the centroid data is converted into IMDX format, it is converted into profile data. →Centroid or Profile?(PDF file)
  • imzML files that can be converted to IMDX files have spot counts in the X and Y directions that are respectively no greater than 65,535 spots, and an m/z range of 5 to 500,000.

Technical inquiry

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This software was developed as a result of collaborative research with Kyushu University's Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

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Caution: Certain pretreatment methods or creation of samples to obtain or process data with this software may require license permission from a third-party patent holder.
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