Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data Analysis Software

License and features

License and feature comparison

It is possible to upgrade from the basic license to any of the other 3 licenses, or from an imaging license or a screening license to a full license.

*Screening/Screening (quantitative) is an analysis mode which automatically sets 1 ROI to 1 measurement point. It is convenient when measuring samples which differ at each measurement point. Differential analysis between measurement points can be carried out with "screening" and quantitative analysis between measurement points can be carried out with "screening (quantitative)".


Operating environment

OS Windows® 11 Professional 64 bit English/Japanese
CPU Intel® Core™ i7 or higher, or Intel® Xeon®
Memory 128 GB
Storage The software uses both data files and temporary data storage. Storage equivalent to at least 5 times the size of the file being processed is required.

For more details about recommended PC specifications, please contact your local sales engineer.

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