CLAM-2040 - Options

Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS


Specialized Pretreatment Vials

CLAM-2040 uses specialized filter vials for biological samples pretreatment. The single-use ensures the absence of cross-contamination between samples.

P/N Description
241-16593-41 Vial Set (set of 100 pairs)
241-16593-42 Vial Set (set of 500 pairs)
241-16593-43 Vial Set (set of 2,000 pairs)


Vial Material Polypropylene (PP)
Filter Material PTFE, with 0.45 μm pore size
Reusability None (disposable)




Sample Vials

Sample Vials


CLAM-2040 is compliable with any sampling tubes of 13 mm diameter and 75 mm height.
Examples: BD brand Vacutainer® blood collection tubes, Terumo brand VENOJECT® II blood collection tubes, Nipro brand Neotube blood collection tubes.

  Appearance P/N Q'ty
3 mL Cup 3 mL Cup 038-00531-01 1000 cups/pk
Micro-Volume Cup Micro-Volume Cup 241-94045-01 1000 cups/pk
Cap-on 1.5 mL Tube Cap-on 1.5 mL Tube 038-00051-68 1 tube/pk
Cap-on Test Tube Cap-on Test Tube 046-00342-01 1 tube/pk



Reagent Vials

CLAM-2040 uses reagent vials of 3 different volumes, for maximum adaptability and flexibility : 1.5mL, 6mL or 12mL.

  Appearance P/N Description Q'ty
1.5 mL Vial 1.5 mL Vial 228-16965-91 Vial 100 vials/pk
241-18511-41 Septum sets for 1.5 mL vial
• Caps • Septum
• Filter paper
100 sets/pk
6 mL Vial 6 mL Vial 241-16619-43 Vial 50 vials/pk
241-18512-41 Septum sets for 6 mL vial
• Septum
• Filter paper
50 sets/pk
038-00199-33 Cap, 6 mL 1 cap/pk
12 mL Vial 12 mL Vial 223-81340-41 Vial 1 vial/pk
223-81468-02 Septum to Prevent Absorbing Humidity
1 septum/pk
1 septum/pk
038-00199-34 Cap, 12 mL 1 cap/pk




Option Software

Optimized methods can be provided, so that there is no need for the user to do complicated development work, such as examining the HPLC separation conditions or optimizing MS parameters for each compound. Method files are provided ready to use.

LC/MS/MS Rapid Toxicology Screening System

This product includes methods for simultaneous or individual analysis of 235 components, including drug of abuse, psychiatric and neurological drugs, and hypnotics and sedatives.


In addition, the Synchronized Survey Scan™ function provides optimized conditions for screening measurements (product ion spectrum acquisition conditions with threshold intensity in MRM).

LC/MS/MS Forensic Toxicological Database

This database includes information on drugs of abuse, hypnotics, psychotropics, pesticides, prescription drugs and natural toxins.


MRM & Spectral Library database for more than 7,000 compounds

The spectral library database is built using two HPLC separations. Both methods have information on clinical and forensic compounds of interest in routine analysis. This product provides Synchronized Survey Scan parameters (MRM parameters, MRM intensity threshold and triggered product ion scan parameters) optimized for screening analysis. In addition, a data sheet describing the monoisotopic mass, chemical formula, CAS number, etc. of the registered compound is included, making it easy to search for the medicinal and toxicant you want to measure.

Enhanced identification by merged spectrum

Each certified reference material was acquired with three different collision energies to generate an information-rich merged-CE spectrum which can be used in library matching and compound verification. Matching with a merged-CE spectrum library is a powerful tool to identify compounds with higher confidence.

Application Specific LC-MS Systems