SFC Columns

When conducting analysis with the Nexera UC supercritical fluid chromatography system, because diffusion of the sample band in the mobile phase is high compared with liquid chromatography, separation behavior changes significantly depending on the types of columns used.
Shim-pack UC series was designed with a variety of stationary phases, making it suitable for analysis of various compounds.

Achieve high speed and high performance

Shim-pack UC series offers various stationary phases suitable for the mobile phase of high diffusion and low-viscosity liquid carbon dioxide.
Analysis time can be reduced at a high flow rate without impairing the separation performance. In addition, analysis speed, which is limited in HPLC, can be increased.

Wide range of stationary phases meets diverse needs

Shim-pack UC series was designed with eight types of stationary phases and sizes to meet diverse research and development needs.

High durability and stable reproducibility

Shim-pack UC series achieves high inertness for improved analysis precision and increased column durability. Its uniform silica surface and stable chemical modification also ensure high analysis reproducibility.


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