Shim-pack SUR-Na Columns - Features

Analyzing Sugars in Foods and Biofuels

Alcohol Fermentation Monitoring by Sugar Analysis

Chromatograms of Fermentation Culture Solution (Upper: Entire Chromatogram; Lower: Enlargement)

With its high performance deriving from the combination of size exclusion and sodium-based ligand exchange modes, monosaccharides, such as glucose and fructose, can be separated, making the Shim-pack™ SUR-Na column ideal for the process monitoring of ethanol production via fermentation reaction with microorganisms.

Chromatograms of Fermentation Culture Solution


Fermentation Monitoring Results

Fermentation Monitoring Results
Column Shim-pack SUR-Na
Guard column Shim-pack SUR-Na (G)
Mobile phase Ultrapure water
Column temp 80℃
Detector RI detector (RID-20A)

Chromatographic Separation of Various Sugars

The Shim-pack SUR-Na column has superior separation performance, especially for monosaccharides, sugar alcohols, and some oligosaccharides.

Separating Various Sugars


Simple HPLC Setup

The Shim-pack SUR-Na column can be used with a simple HPLC configuration because the mobile phase is pure water. The refractive index detector, RID-20A, is one of the most popular detectors to be adopted in combination with this column. The maximum pressure of the column is 4 MPa, allowing the system to be configured with the Nexera lite model.
(*) compared to the previous model

Excellent baseline stability




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