Ferromagnetic Object Detector/MagnetometerMB140 Portable Magnetometer

MB140 Portable Magnetometer

The MB140 is a portable fluxgate magnetometer for highly sensitive measurement of magnetic fields produced by magnetic materials such as iron and nickel, and magnetic fields produced by objects with an electric current.


  • Measurement of geomagnetism and changes in geomagnetism
  • Measurement of magnetic field produced by magnetic materials
  • Measurement of magnetic field produced by electrical current
  • Measurement of magnetic shielding effect for magnetically shielded rooms and magnetically shielded cases
  • Detection of moving magnetic material
  • Evaluation of material magnetism


  • High resolution to 0.3 nT
  • Simultaneous measurement of single axis differential, display of 3 axis composite value
  • Analog and digital output display
  • Two power supplies: 100 V AC and dry cell batteries
  • Capable of measuring relative permeability of 1.0-2.0 (optional)


This product consists of a controller unit and a probe. The magnetic fields and relative permeabilities shown below can be measured depending on the probe to be connected to the controller unit.

Measured parameter Probe
2 axis component magnetic field Magnetic field probe I
3 axis component, single axis differential component and 3 axis composite magnetic field  Both magnetic field probe I and magnetic field probe II (optional)
Relative permeability Magnetic permeability probe (optional)



Measurement range 0 to ±100μT PDF
(5.28 MB)
Frequency band DC to 200 Hz
Resolution 0.3 nT (at DC to 1 Hz region)
Power supply Four "D" dry cell batteries, or 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Configuration Control unit 1 piece, magnetic field probe II (single axis, differential), 3 axis measurement base, differential measurement base, permeability probe, permeability reference sample

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.