6. Handling of Gratings


  • Please wear protector when handling the gratings. When liquids and/or oil ingredients are adhered in the area of the edges of grating plane, they might intrude into grating plane alongside of grooves and diffuse over grating plane.
  • Use gratings in no-dew-condensation environment. Dew condensation causes eminent deterioration of optical characteristics. For long-term storage, keep gratings into a desiccator or a container containing dry agent.
  • Be sure to use gratings by making certain of diffractive direction in advance when high-intensity light such as laser is entered to gratings. Light from gratings multidirectionally diffracts and therefore outgoing light toward unexpected directions might get into your eyes.
  • Gratings are cut on the sides and edges are not chamfered (Dicing type). To prevent from cutting your fingers by the edges, Please handle with care. Gratings are made of glass. When broken, do not handle the broken pieces with bare hands.

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