SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Spectral Measurement of Pulsed Lasers

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer can also accommodate measurements of pulsed lasers, in order to acquire the spectrum across a set range while simultaneously using an array sensor. The spectrum of just a single pulse can be acquired by adjusting the measuring time (integration time).

  • *The possibility of measurement changes with the conditions, such as the number of laser repetitions and the output.

Usage Example

Point: Instantaneous spectral measurements

SPG-V500 performs instantaneously spectral measurements with an array senser. The measuring time (integration time) can be set from 6 μs at the shortest, so it is possible to acquire the spectrum of just a single pulse according to the conditions met to the pulsed laser.
The spectral changes by each a single pulse moment by moment, contributing to stabilization of pulsed lasers

Example: Spectral evaluation of a Q switch laser



SPG-V500 can perform spectral measurements with a single pulse, which cannot be done by a scan-type optical spectrum analyzer.
It can be useful for evaluation of pulsed lasers including a Q switch laser.


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