SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Spectral Measurements of 266 nm-Laser (from Fundamental Wave to High-order Harmonics)

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer accommodates a wide wavelength range of 185 to 1095 nm. Therefore, a single device can be used to evaluate the spectra of each stage of the wavelength conversion laser, from the fundamental wave (1064 nm) to the second harmonics generation (SHG, 532 nm) and the fourth harmonic generation (FHG, 266 nm).

Usage Example

Point 1: Wide wavelength range from DUV to NIR

A single SPG-V500 can cover the wavelength range from 185 to 1095 nm.
The wavelength resolution (FWHM) is approximately 0.02 (Typ.), which is suitable for detailed spectral measurements in various wavelength range.

DUV Laser


Point 2: Multimode fiber for easy optical input

SPG-V500 is also capable of high-resolution measurements with multimode fiber inputs. Input to optical fibers can be easily performed even with invisible light such as DUV and NIR.
Depending output, measurements can be performed just by orienting the optical fibers to the scattered light from the power meter, enabling simultaneous measurements of wavelength and output.

Light Input is Easy and Setup is Simple



The SPG-V500 is suitable for wavelength conversion lasers and other applications that require detailed spectral measurements in various wavelength ranges.
Real-time measurement allows for smooth temperature adjustment and optical adjustment of the crystal.


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