SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Suppression of Mode Hopping and Stabilization of Laser Output

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer can assess the instantaneous behavior of wavelength, which can be used for laser settings and evaluating wavelength stability.
Enabling inputting the light easily with multimode fiber, the wavelength and output can be simultaneously measured by using power meter concurrently, which can be used for the fine adjustment on laser and output stabilization.

Usage Example

Point 1: Simultaneous measurement of wavelength and output

SPG-V500 is capable of a high-resolution measurement of approximately 0.02 nm (Typ.)even with multimode fiber input. Measurements can be performed just by orienting the optical fibers to the scattered light from power meter, enabling simultaneous measurements of wavelength and output.

Light Input is Easy and Setup is Simple


Point 2: Real-time measurements of wavelength behavior

SPG-V500 can check on instantaneous changes of spectrum in real time while performing laser optical adjustment.
Simultaneous wavelength and output measurements make it easy to find the conditions for stabilization of each at the same time, which helps for assembly adjustment of laser light sources with low noise with suppressed mode hops.

Example: Wavelength behavior of a solid-state laser and simultaneous measurement of output noise



By using SPG-V500 and power meter concurrently, optical adjustment of laser can be performed while checking the changes of wavelength and output in real time.
SPG-V500 is effective on assembly adjustment and evaluation of a solid-state laser, wavelength conversion laser, wavelength variable semiconductor laser, which require wavelength stability in applications such as optical analysis, laser sensing, and measurement.


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