SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Side Peak Suppression of a Single-Frequency Laser

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer can assess the instantaneous changes in the spectrum, enabling wavelength stability evaluation of a single-frequency laser. It is possible to monitor the occurrence of instantaneous mode hopping or side peak.

Usage Example

Point: High-resolution real-time measurements

SPG-V500 can measure with high repetition using array sensors, it can instantaneously assess spectral behavior changing moment by moment.
Since the spectral behavior can be seen and recorded without missing any instantaneous spectral movements, it can used for precise optical adjustment and condition setting, especially for single-frequency lasers, for the purpose of suppressing side peaks.

The following movie shows the occurrence of instantaneous side peaks measured by SPG-V500.


SPG-V500 can monitor the instantaneous mode hopping and side peak occurrences that cannot be assessed by a scanner-type optical spectrum analyzer.
It is effective for adjusting and evaluating single-frequency lasers used for Raman spectroscopy and optical communications, as well as tunable semiconductor lasers and external cavity lasers that require wavelength stabilization.


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