SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Automation of Wavelength Inspection of Semiconductor Lasers (LD)

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer provides a control library compatible with C# or Python, it can be linked with the control and other devices through customer software.
Since light can be easily input using multimode fibers, for example, the optical axis adjustment time can be shortened in the automatic inspection of semiconductor lasers, and smooth inspection is possible.

Usage Example

Point 1: Possible to use external control in C# or Python

SPG-V500 includes, as a standard, DLL (C#) and sample software (C# or Python) that can be controlled from the customer software.
It can be used for research and development efficiency, such as recording the spectrum changes automatically while changing the temperature and current of semiconductor lasers.

Example:Automatic evaluation of wavelength thermal and current characteristics


Point 2: Easy to input light with multifiber

SPG-V500 is capable of a high-resolution measurement of approximately 0.02 nm (Typ.) even with multimode fiber input, so light input is easy. Since the optical axis can be easily adjusted, the inspection of a large number of semiconductor lasers can process smoothly.
Depending output, measurements can be performed just by orienting the optical fibers to the scattered light from the power meter, enabling simultaneous measurements of wavelength and output.

Light Input is Easy and Setup is Simple



SPG-V500 can also be linked with other device, and can be freely used according to the customer’s application.
As an automatic inspection device, it can also be incorporated into LD chip testers and probers.


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