SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Application Example
Continuous Tests of Multi-Wavelength-Laser Light Source (Wavelength Measurements)

SPG-V500 Polychromator-type optical spectrum analyzer supports a wide wavelength range of 185-1095nmm, and it is also suitable for evaluating multi-wavelength laser sources such as RGB laser.
Due to a function accommodating a reliable test of laser light sources, it has "continuous saving" and "interval saving" functions that can be used for long-term reliability tests and thermal characteristics evaluation.

Usage Example

Point: Automatic switchover of measurement wavelength range and Periodic storage of spectral information

By utilizing "interval saving function" on SPG-V500, it is capable to periodically store the information of multi-wavelength which switching the measurement wavelength range automatically.
As an example for a continuous lighting test of RGB laser, it is possible to evaluate to acquire the detailed spectral information in the three wavelength bands of red, green, and blue 1000 times at 10-second intervals

Example: Continuous lighting tests of RGB lasers



Since SPG-V500 is capable of instantaneous metering, it can quickly acquire detailed schedule information in multi-wavelength ranges, contributing to the development of RGB lasers for displays and multi-wavelength lasers for optical analysis.
If necessary to record spectral changes at specific wavelengths and conditions, "continuous saving function" is useful.


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