The “KYO” in KYOLABS means several things. It refers to the character “京” in “Kyoto,” a cultural leader of Japan, “共,” which refers to meeting with others in different fields, “協,” which means cooperation, and ”響,” which refers to influencing each other. All these characters can be read “kyo.” The name is based on the concept of being a place where original ideas, unconstrained by previous assumptions, can be freely combined, like a Kyoto braided cord, to generate open innovation.

Exhibition Area

This area is used to exhibit Shimadzu measures and technologies, mainly related to healthcare.

Co-working Labs

In these open labs, you can carry out experiments if you have an idea and want to try it out on a small experiment scale.

Gathering Area

We designed this area to offer an environment where people from inside and outside Shimadzu can get together to share activities and interests.
It can also be used as an employee co-working space.

Cooperation Labs

This laboratory space is for joint development or research work with non-Shimadzu personnel who are stationed to work at the facility.