Research Areas

Cell Analysis

Contributing to improving cell quality and operational efficiency over the entire process of cell culture

  • Cell Colony Picking:Technology for automating cell picking or removal[CELL PICKER]
  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry:Technology used to separate components in liquid samples and ionize them to analyze their masses[LC-MS]
  • Support of Cell Observation:AI-based image analysis technology for automatically distinguishing cells, etc.[Cell Pocket]
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry:Technology used to ionize elements in liquid samples with a plasma to analyze their masses[ICP-MS]
  • Multi-omics Analysis Package:Comprehensive data analysis technology that automatically displays mass spectrometry data on a metabolicmap [MS]

Analysis of Cell Images

Automatic discrimination of cell differentiation * by AI

AI-based image analysis is used to automatically distinguish and count cells that have started to differentiate into organ or bone cells

* Cell differentiation is the process undergoes changes in gene expression to become a more specific type of cell

  • Conventional technology (microscopic observation):It is difficult to visually distinguish between differentiated and undifferentiated cells
  • AI software Cell Pocket (TM)AI software Cell Pocket (TM)
  • Distinguished by AI:Automatically distinguishes between differentiated and undifferentiated cell

Applications to automation

Automating process steps from target cell picking to cloning

Automatically picking target cells
Cloning target cells

Using AI to detect changes in cell condition

Seed and culture target cells , add a drug, and automaticaly analyze the cell morphology to evaluate the effect or toxicity of the drug

Seed cells in the measuring container→Add drug→Acquire image (Cell3iMager)

Use AI to distinguish between live and dead cells and quantitate the effect of the drug

If the drug is added, many cells die before proliferating

Analysis of Components in Culture Solutions

Analyzing cell culture solutions to monitor differentiation status

Monitors culture solutions analyzed to determine differentiation status without damaging cells for achieving cultivation of high-quality cells in large quantities

Analysis of cells culture solution

Monitoring undifferentiated cell markers
Monitoring differentiated cell markers

Next-Generation Laboratory for Cell Culturing with Improved Reproducibility

A next generation laboratory is that manages various information for cell culture in a database to achieve the reproducibility and efficiency of the experiments in the laboratory

Cell culturing-related information

Cell and reagent data

Cell culture data, Reagent information

Analysis data

Metabolic information, Genetic information

Operation data

Expert tacit knowledge, such as operating procedures and actions

Provides optimized culture solutions

Improves the yield and quality of antibody drugs and cells

Integrated analysis of cultivation parameters

Integrated with index information about final products to determine optimal culturing parameters using AI

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C2MAP System (Cell Culture Media Analysis Platform)

Simultaneous Analysis of Cell Culture using LC/MS/MS