Forum for Asking and Answering Questions

Shimadzu was founded in 1875, during a period of turmoil following the Meiji restoration, based on a desire to help open Japan to the world through science and technology.
That passion for science and technology has remained unchanged for over 140 years. However, there have been dramatic changes in the global business environment during that time.
In a world where that are no correct answers, we must create our own right answers.
And to find those answers, we need to ask many questions.

For this reason, we established the KYOLABS facility to create answers collaboratively.

In other words, we want to create previously undiscovered value by posing many questions, engaging in dialogue, expanding our horizons, verifying our ideas based on data, and going through a variety of trial-and-error processes, not just by ourselves but together with you.

Forum for Asking and Answering Questions

Examples of Collaborative Creation

We conduct research every day to create a variety of new value. Here are some examples. The following describes some examples.

Space for Collaboration and Cooperation

KYOLABS provides a forum for collaboration and cooperation intended to ask questions and find answers.

Space for Collaboration and Cooperation

Visitors and Directions

The purpose of KYOLABS is to promote collaboration with others from outside Shimadzu.
To visit KYOLABS or learn about it online, contact a Shimadzu employee.