Research Areas

Food Analysis

Contributing to health and pleasure through food science

  • Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer:Used to separate components in liquid samples and ionize them to determine their masses [LC-MS]
  • Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer:Used to separate components in gas samples and ionize them to determine their mass [GC-MS]
  • Imaging Mass Spectrometer:Used to visualize the distribution of components in samples by overlaying mass information on a microscope image [Imaging MS]
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction-Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer:This mass spectrometry technology uses a supercritical fluid that has the characteristics of both liquid and gas[SFE-SFC]
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer:Used to measure the size and distribution of particles based on laser light diffraction and scattering [Particle Size Analyzer]

Health Benefits of Food
Looking for compounds with functional benefits

Functional Benefits of Food

Analysis of beneficial compounds in foods supports accurate labelling of new functional food products

Analysis foods in cooperation with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

Quantifying an effective compound in tea leaves that combat hay fever

Food as a Starting Point for a Healthy and Happy Society
NARO Shimadzu Kyoto Laboratory for Food Innovation

Pleasure from Food
Quantifying how good food taste


Objective quality control through quantitative analysis of food aromas

Detect undesirable odor compounds in sake
without relying on the feeling and intuition of a sake brewer


Used in food development to numerically quantify mouthfeel, which can change how good something tastes, based on the particle size

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Relationship between the mouthfeel and particle size of ice cream

Texture Evaluation

Food Safety
Rapid analysis of hazardous substances

Rapid analysis of potentially harmful substances such as pesticides and additives, in materials ranging from soil and water to food containers

Jointly developed with Miyazaki Prefecture

World First
  • ・Fully-automated workflow from extraction to analysis of residual pesticides
  • ・Two different component analysis methods available in one system

Supercritical Fluid Extraction /
Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph