Message from Dr. Mari Yamamoto (Maeda)

Executive Researcher
Institute of Food Research
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)

■ Motto as a Researcher
Jointly develop agricultural products with functional benefits that contribute to health through industry-academia-government collaborations

■ Profile
After completing her master’s degrees at Chiba University in 1986, she worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Chugoku Agricultural Research Center, and the Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science. In 2012, she was appointed head of the Division of Food Function Research at the Institute of Food Research, NARO. From 2019, she supervised all healthcare innovation research at the Institute of Food Research, NARO. In April 2021, she was appointed the Chief Researcher in that department. In November 2021, she was appointed to her current position (Executive Researcher at the Institute of Food Research). She is also a professor at Tsukuba University, School of Integrative and Global Majors, and a Japanese tea instructor.
Dr. Yamamoto has been studying the functional benefits of Japanese green tea, particularly the mechanisms and absorptivity of anti-allergic components (methylated catechins) and anti-stress components (anthocyanin), tea varieties containing high concentrations of such components, tea leaf properties of respective varieties, developing food products labeled with functional benefits, and verifying the health benefits of functionally beneficial bento box lunches prepared with functionally beneficial agricultural products.
She wants to elucidate the health benefits of agricultural products in cooperation with companies and academic institutions.

Significance of Analysis and Joint Research of Functionally Beneficial Components

Expectations for NARO Shimadzu Kyoto Laboratory