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Nexera™ FV

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph for Online Dissolution Testing 

The Nexera FV ultra high performance liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) for online analysis is connected directly to a synthesis reactor or dissolution testing machine. After the raw materials or pharmaceutical samples are placed in the peripheral equipment, tasks up to data acquisition by the LC are performed automatically.  With the Nexera FV, samples are automatically injected into the LC from the peripheral equipment via an autosampler (automatic sample injector) equipped with a newly developed flow vial kit.  It can operate continuously without an analyst, enabling continuous sampling and analysis even overnight. Dedicated software (LabSolutions FV) simplifies the setting of sampling timing and analysis mode, as well as the data analysis of the results.

  • Reducing Labor Costs and Risks by Automating Synthesis Evaluations
  • Provides Labor Savings and Heightened Efficiency in Dissolution Testing
  • Dedicated Software Simplifies Operations and Improves Reliability

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