PFOS and PFOA Analysis in Tap Water Using LC/MS/MS



In the regulation of Japanese drinking water, PFOS and PFOA had been added to the list of desired values for monitoring. This notification also specifies that 0.00005 mg/L (50 ng/L) has been adopted as the target value for the total acceptable concentration of these two compounds.

Direct Injection Analysis of PFAS Using LC/MS/MS



In general, analyses of many types of organofluorine compounds are conducted after solid-phase extraction/concentration pretreatment. This article describes PFOA, PFOS, and related substances being analyzed successfully using LC/MS/MS without any concentration procedure.

Ultra-Fast LC-MS/MS Analysis of PFAS in Environmental Samples



ASTM International has developed ASTM D7979 and ASTE D7968 for PFAS analysis in environmental waters and soil, respectively.  This paper describes the work related to the validation of ASTM D7979.