Shimadzu is pleased to advise you of the update of Shimadzu Application News for a wide range of applications/topics using our unique technologies and instrumentation.

The new literatures cover topics as listed below.
Shimadzu updated solutions help you address your unique requirement.

RF Fluorescence Discrimination Analysis of Powdered Beverages Using Reflection-Type Fiber
FTIR Identification Testing of Health Food Ingredients Using FTIR: Supports GMP by Using Food Additive Identification Test Program
PPSQ Amino Acid Sequence Analysis of Peptides and Proteins with Modified Amino Acid Using PPSQ™-50A Isocratic System
Protein Analysis Platform - Combining the powerful capabilities of MALDI-TOF MS (MALDI-8020) and Edman Sequencing (PPSQTM-50A Gradient System) for accurate N-terminal sequence of peptides
MALDI MS Imaging of Rat Liver Tissue Sections Using MALDI-7090
MALDI Quantitative Analysis of Animal Hair Fibers Using a Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
LCMS Analyses of Agricultural Chemicals in Golf Courses Using LC/MS/MS
LCMS Food Metabolomics Analysis of Curry Using LC/MS/MS
LCMS Food Metabolomics Evaluation of Japanese Rice Wine Types Using LC/MS/MS
HPLC High-Speed Analysis of Linezolid following the Draft Guidance of International Harmonization of Pharmacopoeias
HPLC High-Speed Analysis of Methylated Catechin in Benifuuki Green Tea
HPLC Simple and Quick Analysis of Theanine in Tea by Automatic Pre-Column Derivatization Method
HPLC Qualitative Analysis of UV-Absorbents in Cosmetics Based on UV-Vis Spectrum
HPLC Monitoring Organic Acids during Fermentation with Shim-pack™ Fast-OA High-Speed Organic Acid Analytical Column
GCMS Investigation into Quality Evaluation Methods Involving Total Analysis of Metabolites in Beer
Surface Automatic Shape Observation and Efficient Length Measurement of Fiber Length/Diameter of Cellulose Nanofibers
EDX X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Tablets