Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation - The future of MS: Technical discussions

We asked several Shimadzu engineers to discuss their ideas and hopes for the future of MS technology.

Technical Discussion Index

The future of MS technology
With cutting-edge technology that can measure microscopic particles both accurately and comprehensively, mass spectrometers have huge potential to revolutionise our daily lives. In recent years, MS instruments have become more common in all types of analytical labs. However, they are still costly and require a high level of expertise to operate effectively.
What kind of features are in demand for MS instruments, and what challenges do we face in incorporating them? In this discussion, Shimadzu staff compare their experiences of market trends in different regions and put forward their ideas for how to meet these future challenges.

Topics (Global Edition)

  • Easy to use even for non-experts
  • Providing a total solution
  • Portable with a small footprint
  • Envisioning the future

The future of MS

Stéphane Moreau
Sandy Nargund
Chris Bowen
Jin Song
Nigel Ewing
MS Business Unit, Life Science Business Department, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Mikael Levi

Topics (Domestic Edition)

  • MS as an everyday, household device
  • First things first: make it compact and simple
  • Not a driving licence but an “MS licence”

The future of MS

MS Business Unit, Life Science Business Department, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Eishi Imoto, Chu Xue
Ryo Kageyama
Nanami Sakashita
Global Application Development Center, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Tomoomi Hoshi
Global Marketing Department, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Ryo Yamaguchi

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