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MS Quiz

No.2 Nobel Prizes in Mass Spectrometry


Which of the following Nobel Prize winners was not awarded the prize for contributions to the field of mass spectroscopy?

No.1  Measuring mass from time of flight: TOFMS

TOFMS works on the principle that it takes longer for larger molecules than smaller molecules to travel between the ion source and detector. The mass of the molecule is calculated from the time taken to traverse a certain distance.

In the Shimadzu TOFMS “AXIMA series”, molecules are accelerated by a 20 kV source, and the distance between the ion source and detector is 1.2 m.

So try your hand at our quiz questions below!


A Shimadzu engineer is using this TOFMS to measure an amyloid peptide with a molecular weight of 4,331 amu. What does this molecule travel at approximately the same speed as?


In this case, how long does it take for the molecule to travel between the ion source and the detector?

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