New MS products

Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation

Introducing the key features of new Shimadzu MS products released in 2020.

iMScope™ QT

iMScope QT

The iMScope QT boasts not only fusion with morphology studies but also excellent speed, sensitivity, and spatial resolution, clearing the way to next-generation mass spectrometry imaging.

  • Combined Analysis
  • Quantification and Distribution
  • High Resolution, Speed and Accuracy

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The LCMS-8060NX is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with world-class sensitivity and detection speeds. It boasts increased robustness and ease of use as well as Analytical Intelligence functions to maximize your laboratory's output.

  • World-class sensitivity and speed
  • High robustness minimizes downtime
  • Excellent ease-of-use for greater workflow efficiency
  • Increased desolvation efficiency for higher sensitivity
  • Superior robustness

In the newly-developed IonFocus unit, the focus electrodes reduce sensitivity loss from matrix effects by expelling contaminants with greater efficiency.