Memorable MS Moments (NEW)

Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation

Let us hear your Memorable MS Moments

We would like to thank all customers who participated in our “Memorable MS Moments” campaign. We received interesting and surprising stories from around the world, looking back on memorable research results achieved with Shimadzu MS instruments. Out of many excellent entries, we selected three first prize winners and two runners-up, based on the originality and innovation involved in their research as well as its contribution to society.

Prize-winning entries

First prizes (x3)

Prof. Eiichiro Fukusaki

Prof. Eiichiro Fukusaki
Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University

Research topics: Metabolomics, metabolic engineering, metabolic profiling, science of functional foods

“With this instrument, we can compete internationally”

Prof. Xu Fengguo

Prof. Xu Fengguo
China Pharmaceutical University

Research topics: Pharmaceutical toxicology, metabolomics

“My journey with Shimadzu equipment (2003~2020)”

Dr. Nebile Daglioglu

Dr. Nebile Daglioglu
Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey

Research topics: Forensic toxicology

“The Anti Drug Effort with Shimadzu in Turkey”

Runner-up prizes (x2)

Prof. Kei Zaitsu

Prof. Kei Zaitsu
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine and the Institute for Advanced Research

Research topics: Analytical biochemistry, bioinformatics, forensics

“Opening up future possibilities with Shimadzu instruments”


Mr. Musa K. Wakabi
Directorate of Government Analytical Lab, Uganda

Research topics: Criminalistics, toxicology

“Shimadzu GC-MS analytical results that have contributed to society”

Distribution of prize items

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