Memorable MS Moments (NEW)

Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation

Let us hear your Memorable MS Moments

*Please note this campaign is subject to alteration or cancellation without prior notice.

How to enter

Please read through these guidelines carefully before submitting your story.
(Submission period: 25 August 2020 to 25 September 2020)

The submission period has ended. 
Prize-winners will be announced later on MS 50th anniversary website.


Let us hear your “Memorable MS Moments” – experiences with Shimadzu mass spectrometry instruments that left a deep impression on you. We will award prizes to the top five stories we receive.

Examples of memorable moments:

  • Research breakthroughs
  • Prize-winning research results
  • Journal articles or conference presentations
  • Collaborative research
  • New product development
  • Results that contribute to society

■Who can enter?

Anyone who has experience using Shimadzu mass spectrometry instruments in any field of research, excepting Shimadzu employees and related persons. Please follow the submission guidelines below.

■Submission period

25 August 2020 to 25 September 2020

■Campaign process

Step 1

Submit your “Memorable MS Moments” story and photos through the submission form

Information required for submission:

  • Name, affiliation, email
  • Your story about your experience with one or more Shimadzu MS instruments (e.g. reasons for purchase, results obtained.) Approx. 350 words. Photos of the instrument or users with the instrument may be included, but submissions without photos are acceptable*.
  • Name of the Shimadzu instrument(s) used, year of purchase

*: Files can be uploaded in .doc, .docx, .ppt or .pptx formats. Max. file size 5MB.

Step 2

Five prize-winning submissions will be selected. Winners will be contacted via email and prizes will be sent by post.

Step 3

The five prize-winners will be announced, and photos and comments from the winners will be post on the MS 50th anniversary webpage. Prize-winning stories may be published on Shimadzu’s social media or in other media produced by Shimadzu.


First Prize (2 submissions): High-quality handmade tea caddy set from Kaikado (100g x2)

Runner-up Prizes (3 submissions): High-quality handmade tea caddy from Kaikado (200g, ocean wave pattern)

Kaikado is a manufacturer of tea caddies founded in Kyoto in 1875.

Note: Design of prize items may differ from those above. Please check the regulations of your institution and your local laws regarding the acceptance of prize items from corporations before submitting your story.

■Announcement of results and distribution of prize items

  1. After submissions have closed, we will carefully review all submissions and select five prize-winners.
  2. Prize-winners will be contacted via their registered email address.
  3. Prize items will be sent to the prize-winners.
  4. Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged or refunded.
  5. Design of prize items may differ from those above.
  6. Shimadzu employees or related persons may not enter.
  7. Please be aware that this campaign may be altered or cancelled without prior notice.

■Please note

  1. Submissions are limited to 1 per person
  2. Group submissions are accepted, but only one prize item will be awarded to each winning submission
  3. If a submission is unclear or lacking information, or if these guidelines have not been followed, the submission will be disregarded.

■Handling of personal information

We will handle your personal information according to our privacy policy. Other than those exceptions stipulated by law, we will not use the personal information submitted in this campaign for any purposes other than the following.

  1. Sending prize items to winning participants
  2. Communications with participants regarding the “Memorable MS Moments” campaign
  3. Statistics for internal use
  4. Legal records submit to the tax office (as prizes are subject to withholding income tax)

■Contact us

For any questions relating to this campaign, please contact the Shimadzu MS50 Project Team via the "Submission Form" below.