i-series Plus

High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph

2 - i-series Plus

LC Systems

The HPLC system perfect for checking synthetic compounds, quantitative testing with standard operative procedure, etc. This system can offer wide range of industry such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods and environments. This system can be operated as a singleuse system or a shared system. Its small footprint facilitates the management and relocation of systems.

Realization of Advanced Laboratory

  • From setting vial to starting analysis, all the procedures are performed via the equipment.
  • The operations in the laboratory are minimized and free of errors.
  • The system status can be supervised even from outside the laboratory.
  • More efficient use of laboratory space.

Achieving Easier Operation

Uniform graphical user interfaces between system and workstation allow intuitive operations regardless of experience level and increase the operation availability of the i-Series. The browser functions in LabSolutions bring rapid processing of large amount of data, realtime statistical calculation and easy confirmation of anomalous values, enabling more efficient data processing.

Smart Features Increase Work Efficiency

The i-Series Plus saves lab operators time and energy. Combined with the LabSolutions automated functions, it reliably completes analyses under specified procedures. In addition, the E-mail notification feature allows you to focus on other work, without worrying about analysis end time.

Foods and Beverages

The innovative and superior performance of the i-Series Plus supports your application requirements.

i-Series Plus are certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 25% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.


Maximum Reliability and Stability
− Fundamental functions assure analysis results −

Use of Multiple Detectors Expands Application Range In addition to the UV-visible (UV/VIS) absorbance detector or photodiode array (PDA) detector included as standard, a fluorescence detector or differential refractive index detector can be added.
Excellent Baseline Stability Unaffected by Circumstances The UV/VIS detector and the PDA detector employ dual-temperature control (TC-Optics and flow cell) and provide measurements with a stable baseline hardly affected by room temperature fluctuation.
Supports High-Speed Multi-Analyte Processing A 14-second injection cycle maximizes the number of samples that can be processed. Moreover, a total of 1536 samples can be accommodated in right and left sample racks.
Autosampler Enhances Data Reliability Excellent reproducibility for injection volumes less than 1 μL, wide linearity range and ultra-low carryover (<0.0025%) improve the reliability of data, especially for analyses of precious biological samples and direct analyses of concentrated samples.
Compact Footprint The i-Series Plus brings together all the functions required for LC analysis in an integrated form. With its space-saving design, which is only 410 mm wide, three units can be installed on a laboratory bench compared to only two comparable instruments from other companies. The instrument footprint does not change even if another detector is installed.
Refined Usability Control panel with a color LCD touch panel allows anyone to operate the instrument, regardless of experience level. Easily and reliably perform routine maintenance following on-screen instructions.
Displays Chromatogram in Real Time Control panel with a color LCD touch panel allows anyone to operate the instrument, regardless of experience level. Easily and reliably perform routine maintenance following on-screen instructions.
Large-Capacity Column Oven Supports Up to 90°C The Forced-air circulation method enhances column temperature stability. Maximum operating temperature of 90°C allows high-temperature analyses such as sugar analysis. Moreover, three 300 mm long columns or six 100 mm long columns can be accommodated.
Quaternary Solvent Delivery Unit A 10 μL micro plunger ensures accurate quaternary gradient delivery. Optional reservoir switching valve further extends the solvent selection to seven so that the solvent for the flow path rinsing can be set.
Auto Shutdown Function Reduces Power Consumption After analysis is complete, the auto shutdown function minimizes power consumption in standby mode and can reduce power consumption by at least 95% compared to normal standby mode.
Open Access Sample Placement

Open Access Sample Placement

A direct access mechanism on sample racks allows the user to place the sample on racks that are not involved in sample injection even during analysis. Furthermore, racks can be shared by multiple analysts, without interrupting the analysis of samples placed by others. Overall, this function enhances work efficiency.

System Monitoring via Smart Devices

Window on a Smartphone

System Monitoring via Smart Devices

System status and chromatograms can be viewed remotely from smart devices and home computers. Situations can be checked without needing to visit the laboratory.


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