Xctal 5000

X-Ray Observations Enter a New Phase

The Xctal 5000 is a new X-ray CT system that creates images of X-ray phase shifts.
In addition to the X-ray absorption information detected by conventional X-ray CT systems, this system can detect X-ray scattering and refraction information. This provides observations of fine structure across a wide field of view, and high-contrast observations of samples with no absorption differences.
This is useful for research and development of fiber reinforced resins, composite materials, and biomaterials, which are advancing through research.



A Single Scan Obtains Three Types of Images: Absorption, Dark-field, and Phase Images

A new scanning method has been adopted that can detect phase shifts from X-ray interference using a diffraction grating.

A new scanning method

Absorption Images

2D projection image (Absorption)

2D projection image (Absorption)

Absorption images visualize X-ray absorption differences, which are also detected by conventional X-ray systems.
This enables detailed observations of shapes within the sample.

Dark-field Images

2D projection image (Dark)

2D projection image (Dark)

Both Wide Field of View and Detailed Structural Observations

Dark-field images visualize dispersion by fine structure.
Fine cracks can be detected with a field of view up to 100 mm in size. In addition, the system is equipped with a fiber orientation analysis function, enabling observations of fiber flow over a wide field of view.

Phase Images

2D projection image (Phase)

2D projection image (Phase)

Dual Observation Method for Absorption and Phase

Phase images visualize density differences.
The system is capable of high-contrast observations of samples with no absorption differences, including resin products made of different materials.


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