High-salt sample combustion tube kit

When measuring samples containing salts, this kit extends the lifetime of combustion tubes and catalysts, reducing maintenance. It enables seawater measurements approx. 2,500 times by injecting 40 μL. (It's not a guaranteed value.)


B-type halogen scrubber

This kit effectively removes corrosive gases produced when measuring samples containing salts, thereby decreasing NDIR cell degradation.


Kit for small sample volumes

This kit enables the measurement of smaller volumes of samples. Example of sample consumption: Standard specifications: 8 mL/3 measurements -> Using this kit: 5 mL/3 measurements. However, there are some performance limits, such as the maximum sensitivity range decreases to about 0 to 1 mg/L, maximum measuring range decreases to 2,000 mg/L, and the ASI-L and external sparging kit are needed to measure NPOC automatically.


Carrier gas purification kit

This kit removes carbon dioxide and other carbon-containing impurities by supplying instrumentation air, compressor air, and other pressurized air, so that they can be used as carrier gas. (Compatible with TOC-LCSN/CPN)


Gas sample injection kit

This kit enables manual injection of samples using a micro syringe. Aqueous samples and gas samples can be injected. TC, carbon dioxide, and TOC (= TC - carbon dioxide) (Carbon monoxide is included in TOC) measurements in gas samples can be performed.


POC measurement kit

This kit enables measurement of the volatile organic carbon (POC) driven from the sample during the sparging process at room temperature.


Nitrogen carrier gas kit

High-purity nitrogen gas (max. 1 ppm of each CO, CO2 and HC) can be used as the carrier gas. Using this kit makes it possible to supply carrier gas directly from a nitrogen gas supply line. (Cannot be combined with the TNM-L) ※When this option is used, the measurement range for both TC and IC expands from the conventional range (0 to 500 μg/L) to 0 to 100 mg/L.


Suspended sample kit

The TOC-L series sample flow line is normally 0.5 mm. However, by introducing the suspended sample kit, this can be extended to 0.8 mm. This enables the measurement of samples containing large particles.


High Suspension Kit

High Suspension Kit is a units consisting of modified injection tubes. Using this kit and high suspension mode in the software, TOC-L makes it possible to measure a sample that contains suspended solids with higher sedimentation rates. This technique is applied for the system for monitoring algae biomass.

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