Events in 2024

Meet Shimadzu and our Advanced Imaging Solutions at the following Congress / Exhibitions.

* If you are informed about any changes on these schedule in your region, please let us know.

Onsite Event Online Event Event Name
Period Place Period
Jan 29-Feb 1 Dubai, UAE   Arab Health
Feb 28-Mar3 Vienna, Austria   ECR
Mar 14-17 Seoul, Korea   KIMES
Mar 23-28 Salt Lake City, USA   SIR
Apr 11-14 Shanghai, China   CMEF
Apr 12-14 Yokohama, Japan   ITEM/JRC
May 2-5 São Paulo, Brazil   JPR
May 9-12 Darwin, Australia   ASMIRT / NZIMRT
May 21-24 São Paulo, Brazil   Hospitalar
Aug 1-4 Perth, Australia   CSANZ ANZET
Aug 4-7 Orlando, USA   AHRA
Oct 24-26 Kobe, Japan   CCT
Oct 27-30 Washington, USA   TCT
Dec 1-4 Chicago, USA   RSNA
  • # The above list may change without notice.