inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD

Microfocus X-Ray CT System

Top class image quality and operability

Featuring a proprietary microfocus X-ray generator and high-sensitivity X-ray detector, inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD Plus is Shimadzu's top-of-the-line microfocus X-ray CT system.
An intuitive user interface ensures easy acquisition of clear CT images of a sample's internal structure. The new detector and spacious CT stage enable examination of even larger samples.
This single instrument can be used for all kinds of applications, from ever shrinking electronic devices to die-cast aluminum automotive parts.

■ Features

CT Scan Auto-Positioning Function Using Exterior Camera

The CT scan auto-positioning function uses Shimadzu's proprietary intuitive positioning system, based on using an exterior camera, and which was well received in the SMX-1000 series. This feature allows determining the CT scan position and CT scan region semi-automatically by interactively deciding respective CT scan parameters one by one via a wizard type interface shown below.


Samples can be CT-scanned without the need for calibration. Just set the sample in place and press the start button.

X-ray Parameter Auto-Setup Function

The optimum X-ray parameters for each sample type can be set automatically.

Easy Zooming

A CT scan region display has been added. Since the target region inside the sample is displayed in real time, this allows almost anybody to easily perform high-resolution CT scans. With this function, data from previous CT scans can be used to identify areas of interest for scanning at higher magnifications.


Basic System to Achieve High Performance

System Structure and Basic Principles

The inspection target (sample) is positioned between the X-ray generator and the X-ray detector, as shown in the figure below.
X-ray fluoroscopic data is collected from every angle by rotating the sample 360 degrees, and computed tomographic (CT) images are calculated.


User Inter face

Main unit, operation box, and software design has been integrated to enable intuitive operation.


Exterior Camera for Intuitive Manipulation

CT images can be obtained using an exterior camera mounted above the sample.

MPR Display
(Arbitrary cross- sectional display)

Stands for Multi Planar Reconstruction. Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual space, and four images — a CT image, mutually orthogonal longitudinal section images, and an arbitrary section image orthogonal to the longitudinal section images — are arranged for display.

VR Display
Stands for Volume Rendering.
Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual
space, and rendered in three dimensions.


CT Scan Area 3D Display Function

After the initial CT, only a few simple steps can produce an enlarged CT scan of your region of interest.


A Wealth of Analysis Software to Accommodate a Variety of Settings


This software displays tomographic images obtained by X-ray CT in 3D via volume rendering (VR). It offers basic animation creation and simple measurement functions.

Safety Measures
HPC inspeXio — High-Performance Computing System

A system employing the latest High-Performance Computing (HPC) technology has been incorporated. As a result, computational processing is approximately 80 to 170 times faster than before.

Flat Panel Detector (FPD)

Provides sharp high-contract CT images of samples, such as electronic circuit boards, that are composed of multiple materials and samples, such as motors, that require high output power.


A flat panel detector can be installed (on-site) replacing the image intensifier on existing inspeXio SMX-225CT systems. Please contact us for details.


X-ray should penetrate an inspection part of a sample over all the directions using X-ray maximum output.
Right result cannot be obtained when the domain which cannot penetrate X-ray is in an inspection part of a sample.

Sample Images Obtained Using a System with a Flat Panel Detector: Stepping Motor


* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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