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Download the free and fully functional demonstration version of IMAGEREVEAL MS.
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* IMAGEREVEAL MS Demonstration Software has been upgraded to Ver. 1.01.

Extract Optimal Images Efficiently

Based on morphological information, it is possible to extract substances with similar shapes.

Sample: NASH model mouse liver
Measuring instrument: MALDI-7090
Measurement interval: 20 µm
Laser diameter: 10 μm

Generate Finer Images with Various Visualizing Functionality

Create a composite overlay of images color-coded for each MS image.


Example Using Measurement Results from a Mouse Liver Section

Additional Functions

Creating Images Based on Concentration Values

Concentration values are changed to brightness information based on the calibration curve.


Example of Analyzing the Liver Section of a Mouse with Orally Administered Amiodarone (1000 mg/kg)
A standard amiodarone solution was dripped onto a liver section of a mouse without the drug administered and then iMLayer™ was used to vapor deposit a matrix.

Measuring instrument: iMScope TRIO™
Measurement interval: 10 µm
Laser diameter: 10 µm
Matrix film thickness: CHCA 0.7 µm


These data were obtained from Tottori University Chromosome Engineering Research Center.


Supported models: iMScope TRIO, MALDI-7090, AXIMA series.
Compatible data formats: imzML, Analyze 7.5 and kbd


Software Lineup

Six types of licenses with different functions are available.

  Basic Analysis Differential Analysis Image Analysis Quantitative Analysis Screening Screening
Create and view MS images. Discover differences between average spectra for ROIs, etc. Use multivariate analysis (PCA and PLS) to find differences between ROIs. Similar Image Extraction. Grouping similar distribution compounds (HCA) Create calibration curve and display MS image of concentration value. Automatically specify ROI for each measurement point. Analyze differences based on a comparison of average spectra. Automatically specify ROI for each measurement point. Create a calibration curve for each measurement point and perform quantitative analysis.
Full License *
Basic License - - - -
Imaging License * - -
Screening License - - -
Upgrade Imaging License - - -
Upgrade Screening License - - - -

* Note that basic analysis is included in differential analysis function. Basic analysis will not be displayed in the menu bar when performing differential analysis.

Operating Environments

Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit (English)
CPU Intel Core i7 or Xeon
Memory More than 32GB
SATA or NVMe-connection built-in SSD is required. (NVMe provides higher speed than SATA.) It is used to store data files and transient data (specified in software). Processing takes extremely long when a regular HDD or external USB drive is used. The capacity must be at least five times more than the size of the file to be processed.
Display Resolution
More than 1920 x 1080 dots
Some windows may not be displayed properly if the resolution is insufficient.
A multi-display configuration is recommended due to the amount of information being displayed.
Software LCMSsolution Ver 3.81 or later (when handling kbd files acquired with iMScope)

* Do not install this software on the same PC as LabSolutions.

Demonstration Software Download

Download the free and fully functional demonstration version of IMAGEREVEAL MS.
This demonstration version will expire in 30 days.
To software download page, click here.

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