Room Layout
Create Your X-ray Room Plan in 3D Easily
This is a 3D simulation tool to help you CREATE YOUR OWN X-RAY ROOM PLAN roughly for the following Shimadzu medical X-ray systems.
Systems :
Radiographic system : RADspeed Pro (CH-200/BK-200/BR-120[T])
Universal R/F system : SONIALVISION G4 with CH-200
Patient-side R/F system : FLUOROspeed X1 edition with CH-200
5 Steps
Step 1
Fix room size
Adjust the room size to yours and select the ceiling rails' length you want.
Step 2
Place devices
Add our system components or other objects such as doors, boxes, monitors, then fix their places as desired.
Step 3
Simulate system operation
You can simulate our system's movements/operations.
Step 4
360° View
Enjoy 360 deg. walk-through view from anywhere in the room.
Step 5
Save / Open / Contact
You can save your planned layout data by "Save", and re-open to edit again that saved data by "Open". Then, please contact us if you need our further supports to finalize your room plan.
1. Important Notes
2. Required browser's conditions
This "Room Planner" will work on the following web browsers.
  • Microsoft EDGE
  • Google Chrome
  • Mac (MacOS11)
  • Safari