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Brand-new C-arm with Amazing Operability and Excellent Image Quality



Simple and Smart Operability 

Inheriting the easy operability for both the doctor and the operator from the conventional model, ACTENO FD type meets the challenge of "how to reduce stress for the doctor and the surgical staff" with the OPESCOPE cleverly designed operability. 

Manually operated C-arm with electromagnetic locks for every direction

The C-arm can be moved without releasing the lever lock. The counterbalance system enables C-arm fully manually operation including vertical movement. The C-arm lock can be released by one button for each direction with all electromagnetic controls. Buttons color-matched to the direction of movement of the C-arm are located at each side of the C-arm unit for intuitive operation. 

C-arm can be released from the doctor’s side.

Fluoroscopy image view position can be easily adjusted by the doctor. 
The doctor handle enables a doctor to perform the C-arm positioning and turn the laser pointer ON/OFF for speedy surgery. 

Compact Design for Easy & Stable Mobility

The center of gravity of the C-arm unit is designed to be above the rear-wheel. The compact, carefully designed C-arm unit offers excellent mobility and is surprisingly light and smooth to move. ACTENO FD type provides a comfortable operating environment by making effective use of the limited space around the surgical area. 


Less interference with the operating table

The short distance between the front wheel and the main body enables easy C-arm unit access to the operating table. Free positioning is possible because the front wheel cover and C-arm do not interfere. 

Large double wheels for lighter travels

Easy to move by large double wheels. The operator can easily change C-arm unit direction because each wheel rotates independently.

Round shape for easy driving

The round bottom is applicable to put the operator foot under the unit and makes it easy to apply force to the initial action when moving.

Compact X-ray tube supports flexible positioning

The X-ray tube is also compact and has a smart design. The design enables operators to perform complicated positioning such as hip joint axis positioning.

Absence of cables on the C-arm for easy cleaning

All cables around the C-arm are built-in, and the curvilinear design of the C-arm unit makes wiping and cleaning easier. You can always keep the unit clean, and it reduces cleaning time after surgery.

Monitor vertical adjusting and folding function

The monitor can be adjusted to a height that is easy for the doctor to see. Also, it can be folded and stored compactly after surgery.

Low Dose x High Image Quality Real-time Image Processing SCORE PRO Advance

ACTENO FD type is equipped with the SCORE PRO Advance, real-time image processing system, which is popular in our flagship angiography systems, and the multi-purpose R/F system. It instantly displays low-dose, high-quality images optimized for each body part and procedure on the monitor.


Motion tracking noise reduction

By performing block matching between frames, and recursive processing between the most matched blocks, noise is efficiently reduced without any lag. The technology improves the visibility of the device especially during fluoroscopy, and there is no afterimage when observing while operating the C-arm or a surgical device.

Line detected edge enhancement

SCORE PRO Advance emphasizes only the line structure of the target object without enhancing background noise. It minimizes any artifacts that normally occur with multiple image parametric equalization, which allows more natural and intensive edge enhancement. It emphasizes only the target object such as a spinous process or a needle tip that the doctor wants to observe. By pressing the switch, a fluoroscopic image is instantly displayed on the monitor. 

Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Auto & pinpoint brightness control

Auto brightness control

The brightness of a fluoroscopic image is analyzed in real time and the X-ray conditions are automatically adjusted to control the region of interest (ROI) to always keep the optimal brightness. 

Pinpoint brightness control(option)

Touch Focus, which optimizes brightness for any touched area, is recommended when metal like operating table rails, implants is reflected in the field of view. Like a familiar mobile device, it automatically controls the brightness where you touch it. Get the images of your choice.


High-resolution FPD 

The compact 8-inch high-resolution FPD provides distortion-free and clear images. A fiber-based grid is used for the intermediate material. This hardware achieves low dose and high image quality.

Boost pulse mode

Pulsed X-rays are radiated at high power to obtain high-contrast images while minimizing the dose. Clear image observation can be achieved even for thick body parts such as the lateral aspect of the lumbar spine. 

Consideration for Dose Reduction

A combination of SCORE PRO Advance achieving no-afterimage fluoroscopy, and pulse fluoroscopy at up to 15 fps effectively reduces exposure while controlling motion artifacts. ACTENO FD type supports low dose operation with special dose reduction technology. 


Real-time DSA(Option)

High speed real-time DSA at up to 7.5 fps and shunt imaging are available.

Misregistration-free RSM filter processing

If misregistration occurs due to body movements during contrast imaging, RSM filter processing creates images unaffected by movement. It is also effective when you want to track and view the contrast medium flowing in the blood vessels.

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Normal DSA

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Misregistration image

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RSM filter processing

For Swallowing Examination  (Video fluoroscopy)

If you want to perform video fluoroscopy (VF) but there is no space for the R/F table, we suggest ACTENO FD type. 


Long cable foot switch(Option) 

X-ray exposure can be performed from outside of the operating room. 

Communication support functions for the doctor, the operator and the operating room staff

The touch panel of the C-arm unit can display the fluoroscopy image, which supports the operator who has difficulty seeing the monitor unit. (option)

The operator sometimes can hardly see the image on the monitor because it faces the doctor. ACTENO FD type can display a fluoroscopy image on the touch panel in front of the operator. This helps smooth communication between the doctor and the operator.

Fluoroscopy image clone function (option)

The monitor angle can be easily adjusted and fluoroscopy image can be shown on the reference monitor. This improves communication between the doctor and the other staff. 


Image output function to an external device (option)

The function can output images to an external device such as a ceiling-support monitor in the operating room. 

The product design may be partially changed without notice.

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