General Radiographic System - RADspeed Pro style edition MF

Floor-mounted X-ray Tube System

RADspeed Pro style edition MF

The System MF series is Shimadzu's general radiographic system for compact floor-ceiling / wall mounted tube support installations. Designed to exacting specifications, the RADspeed System MF delivers high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system.


Generator Equipped with High-Frequency Inverter Technology

The RADspeed MF general radiographic system is equipped with an advanced-level generator designed using high-frequency inverter technology, which produces sharp and high-contrast X-ray images. User-friendly Sequential Multidirectional Radiography functions allow the operator to register and then utilize up to 7 sequential preset memory parameters.

Space Saving Concept

The compact, space-saving high-frequency generator and tube support provide greater working space and flexible layout.

Space Saving Concept

Easy and Quick Positioning of X-ray Tube

Tube positioning can be performed easily and quickly with the fine-tuned counter weight balance mechanism.

Easy and Quick Positioning of X-ray Tube

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Junya Yamamoto
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation