Research Areas

Shimadzu conducts research and development in various technological fields under our corporate philosophy "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology".

Core elemental technologies: Advanced and highly original technologies that serve as core elements for generating new value

Leading-Edge Analysis

Advanced Analysis

The aim of advanced analysis is to contribute to solving customer and societal challenges by developing technologies related to ions (MS), X-rays, light, quantum physics, and other fields. We also develop "Whole Analysis" technologies, that enable simultaneous measurement using advanced analytical instruments and sophisticated analysis of diverse information.

Innovative Biotech

Innovative Biotechnology

Shimadzu has been acquiring and developing high-level technologies in the biotechnology domain, an area undergoing remarkable technological innovation, to help solve customer and societal challenges. We aim to create new customer value through innovative biotechnology in fields such as preventive medicine, early diagnosis, regenerative medicine, and bio production.

Brain and Five Senses

Brain and Five Senses

In the area of neuroscience, Shimadzu is developing technologies for the combined measurement of the brain and the five senses. These include minimally constraining brain function measurements, interventional techniques using biofeedback linked to stimulation of the five senses, techniques for improving human performance, and techniques supporting advances on the psychological front.



Shimadzu uses AI-based signal processing and image processing technologies to create advanced products, services, and businesses that offer solutions to customer and societal challenges. Shimadzu uses AI technology in combination with robotics to promote automated and autonomous analysis, measurement diagnosis, and inspection processes.

Fundamental technologies: Technologies supporting a wide variety of products

Equipment Control Design

Device Control Design

Shimadzu increases product safety and durability through designs that improve the quality of control for heavy machinery and high-speed rotors, reduce noise and vibration, and mitigate shock.

System Integration

System Integration

Shimadzu aims to improve the operation and convenience of its instruments by offering labor-saving sample preparation and automating operations. At the same time, we pursue research and development into solutions that utilize our core elemental technologies in thermal and fluid control and optics.