Core Technologies

9 Core Technologies

Mass Distribution Imaging of Biological Tissue

Mass Spectrometry Technology

We carry out research and development into improving the performance of mass spectrometry technology that is currently finding increasing application in life science areas such as drug discovery and medical research. We also research and develop mass microscopes capable of imaging mass distribution in very small areas, and new applied technologies for MALDI* that has allowed for analysis of polymers.

*MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization)

TEM image of amphiphilic polymer gel material for cells


We research and develop biotechnologies that improve the stability, quality, and work efficiency of cell cultures used in regenerative medicine and drug development, and research and develop pretreatment technologies for devices that are used to analyze biological samples.

AI Solutions

We carry out research and development into AI-integrated signal processing and image processing as technologies that support automation and improved performance in analysis, measurement, diagnosis, and examinations. We also focus on creating new services and rapid improvements in equipment performance and expanding features.

Micro device for cell function analysis

Micro / Nano Systems

By applying our MEMS technology based on semiconductor processing, we are conducting research and development of a fluid control device for use in analytical instruments, a separation mechanism, detector, and also an analysis system with sophisticated functionality based on those components.

*MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)

Image of Internal Structural Defects Extracted Using Sound and Light Wave Interference

Optical Measurement Technology

Light can be used in a variety of applications, such as to increase one's visual abilities, detecting differences in shape and deformation at the nanometer level, and obtaining information on a substance's constituent atoms and molecules. We research and develop optical measurement technologies that utilize these qualities and are found at the core of new devices and analysis equipment for applications in health care, industrial measurement, and other fields.

Fluoroscopic Image of Fruit Using a Variety of X-Ray Imaging Methods

Radiological Technology

We research and develop radiological technologies including next generation X-ray sources for use in medical diagnosis, non-destructive testing, and composition analysis, as well as methods of high-contrast radiography, PET, and fluorescent X-ray analysis.

*PET (Positron Emission Tomography)

Controlling equipment making up the flight control system

Control Technology

We research and develop different types of control technologies, including flight control systems that control aerodynamic lift and airframe attitude in aircraft, power assist technologies that improve mobility and ease-of-operation via motor control in medical devices and other devices, and plasma control technologies for film forming used to control the film quality.

Stainless steel plate column for gas chromatography realizing miniaturization and high-speed analysis of the column

Separation / Detection Technology

We research and develop separation detection technologies such as chromatography capable of rapid and highly sensitive analysis of minute compositional differences in pharmaceuticals, food, and chemical industry materials, and electrophoresis that allows easy analysis of DNA in biological samples.

action grating with high diffraction efficiency and less stray light

High-Precision Processing Technology

We research and develop high-precision processing technologies used in the manufacture of high performance/high quality mechanical parts and optical devices found at the core of various products, including as technologies used in machine processing of high-speed rotating parts for vacuum equipment such as turbo molecular pumps and high strength materials for aircraft equipment, and technologies used in processing optical materials for high precision diffraction gratings and non-spherical mirrors essential for spectroscopy.