Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Nexera maintains full compatibility with Prominence series instruments, which have earned a reputation for exceptional core performance. Combining the Nexera with various Prominence units allows configuring more sophisticated or varied ultra-high speed LC systems.
The autosampler needle is equipped with a multi-rinse feature that makes it ideal as a front-end LC unit of an LCMS system used to analyze ultra-trace substances with high sensitivity. An automatic pretreatment function enables automating tedious sample pretreatment processes. High-temperature analysis using the newly developed column oven, which is capable of heating to 150 °C, enables more environmentally friendly analysis that does not use organic solvents (green LC).
In addition to ultra-high speed and separation, Nexera supports an increasingly wide variety of applications.

Compatible with various applications


  1. Automated Sample Pretreatment
  2. Green Chromatography at 150°C
  3. Best UHPLC as a Front-end for Mass Spectrometers


Automated Sample Pretreatment

SIL-30AC Autosampler

SIL-30AC Autosampler

The SIL-30AC autosampler incorporates pretreatment functionalities such as dilution, addition of internal standard and pre-column derivatization schemes. These new features provide unattended operation for increased accuracy, precision and speed for high-throughput work.

Green Chromatography at 150°C



Green chromatography requires stable and reliable temperature control at high temperature. The CTO-30A column oven provides precise temperature control up to 150°C with a newly designed solvent pre-heater, a proprietary Intelligent Heat Balancer (IHB) and post-column solvent cooling. The solvent preheater and IHB ensure uniform column temperature even at high flow rates.

Green Chromatography at 150ºC

Best UHPLC as a Front-end for Mass Spectrometers

Best UHPLC as a Front-end for Mass Spectrometers

The fastest gradient cycle time is achieved with innovative hardware technology. The total system delay volume has been reduced to less than 42 µL with an ultra-low volume (20 µL) mixer, optional loop injection kit with 5 µL loop and micro-volume pre-heater.

Using Multiple Rinse Solutions Allows Reducing Carryover

Typically, optimal rinse solutions differ depending on the compound, such as organic solvents for low-polarity compounds and aqueous acid solutions for basic compounds. Ideally, a combination of rinse solutions is used, with good rinsing characteristics tailored to the target components. In particular, when using LC/MS to analyze trace components in biological samples, foods, or other samples containing a wide variety of substances, the role of the front-end LC unit of an LCMS system is to reduce the background noise from non-target substances and carryover as much as possible. The Nexera SIL-30AC features a multi-rinse function that allows selecting up to four solutions to ensure that the interior and exterior surfaces of the needles are well rinsed so that stable LCMS analysis is possible. The following shows the carryover when analyzing desipramine and amitriptyline. Neither was detected when the needle was immersed in the two rinse solutions. The 2-solution needle kit, provided standard with the instrument, and the multi-rinse function, which cleans the needle’s interior and exterior, ensure that carryover is extremely low under all kinds of conditions.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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